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Every journey starts somewhereAndrej and Teddy

Growing up in the former USSR even as a child I was wondering about the fate that overtakes all people. Some are quiet and not noticeable but live a stable and peaceful life. Others are more noticeable and vocal, but end up in ruins. Why I wonder, do some seemingly successful people do stupid things, which obliterate their health, relationships and everything they have build up. My search for Wisdom of Life began!

Through my friendships, early jobs, military service, being expelled from the “communist paradise” and moving through several countries and cultures, I started to realize that the basis of a person’s values is supreme for a good life. All views and ideas may sound plausible and interesting or even smart at the start, but the passing of time reveals what was a smart move and what was not. Some result in admirable successes. Others end in tragic wrecks.

After obligatory schooling years, I embarked on the search for the wisdom of life. I have studied under smart professors in Germany, Canada, Australia, and France. Even though I am not the fastest reader, I read a lot. My library isn’t the smallest either. I have accumulated a lot of diplomas and certificates. Spent a lot of money and time only to discover that there is nothing new under the sun. Human nature from the beginning of mankind is the same. Problems and challenges we face are all repetitions. Civilization, technology, culture, and religion do not change the basic needs and aspiration of an individual.

Everyone needs a guide, a friend, a sage …

Only a fool isolates himself and pretends that all he needs to know in life is inside of his small head from birth. Life is in one sense a very simple affair. On the other side, it is very complex. How do you see through the fog and noise of so many teachers, lies, ideas, deceptions, offers, and demands? How to have a crisp, clear and truly wise view on life? How to make smart decisions that will “pay huge dividends” as time goes by?

I offer you to join me on a journey of discovering ancient and proven knowledge and wisdom that has a strong and stable track record. With this wisdom kingdoms have been building, wars won, greatest business successes achieved and relationships heald and lasted for a lifetime.

In our fast-changing world of technology and of changing values, we need true wisdom that never changes.


Everyone can find it in Wisdom Literature

You are invited to delve into the ancient wisdom of kings, priests, and prophets. We will base our discoveries mainly on the Judeo-Christian Bible.

There are a lot of collections of old and ancient traditions of wisdom and sayings. But, what differentiates the Jewish wisdom literature is their centrality of God. All they are concerned about is to place God in the midst of their discussions, learning, business, faith, family, and life.

And all of it started by a young king of the Jewish nation asking God to give him wisdom. It was the smartest move that paid huge dividends throughout his own life and now throughout millennia and through the blessed lives of millions who followed this wisdom.

I trust you will find this uplifting.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help or respond you out in what I can.

May the Almighty, Eternal God grant you wisdom!



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