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I actually do not watch TV. The Bad News about the turmoils of the nations do reach me occasionally through the radio when I drive somewhere or through my surfing the internet. Hear that there are a lot of “False News” floating around. A lot of people who have a megaphone preach their version of truth and facts. There are a lot of emotional calls for us to ignore the reality and trust in some once ideals of their version of a utopia. It is amusingly sad. So I try to ignore all of that debacle and distract myself with my love of creating something out of wood.

Growing up under a socialistic dictatorship taught me to ignore the so called “News”. As children, we knew it was all propaganda. Most of our homes did not have or listen to a radio or read a newspaper (there were no TVs or Internet). People who believed in God were branded as the “Believers” or the “Sectarians”. The brand of religion or denomination was irrelevant, you are a reject in the society if you had a different religion to the state enforced socialist-fundamentalism. But, this”rejects” had an amazing internal compass. No, it was not this buddhist-newage-spiritualistic type of “you have the truth inside of you” thing that is so worshiped on the altars of the social media these days. No, it was a humble, strong, fearless view of the true reality of things. Such view can come only through a mind that is trained by the Biblical Truth. This biblical reality prevailed and is affirmed again and again through the history and their “politically” correct views are forgotten. Those groups of soviet nations today are ALL unrecognizable changed and are more religious than most of the so called “free” countries.

Instinctly we had the internal sense (wisdom) when to say what you supposed to say and when to say what you really think. There was a “Street” version of “opinions”, and a “Private” version of truth. The later will get you discriminated, persecuted and maybe jailed, the first will get you ignored. Cause, everybody knew you were lying. It was the survival mode of conversation.

Growing up my friends were mostly Muslims, Atheists and few Christians. Worldviews which start to collide and ruin friendships the older you get. But, as kids we didn’t care. As a young person I noticed, though, that grown up atheists / socialist spewed more verbal hatred and tend to be physically more violent. Historically they were those who did that bloody revolution thing in 1917 and were very proud of it. They still insisted that they were sorry they didn’t do a thorough job of eradicating the primitive uneducated religious bigots.

That’s why they still tried to re-educate the “believing” remnants of the population. All means were justified: concentration camps, were my father spent 9 years; or discrimination: or stopping anyone from getting a higher education. When my sister applied for a nurse training, she passed all entry tests with flying colors. But than the panel of examiners asked her if she believed in Evolution of Species according to Charles Darwin or she did believe in the Creation Story according to God. She affirmed the latter, which ruined her carrier forever.

My wife and I do pray almost daily for western nations. There are in the western countries a lot of religious evolutionists in power today. They are fundamentalists and are militant in their views and actions. Their minds are closed and their language is violence. They have short sited view of history. Their decisions are self destructive.

When we were expelled from the Soviets version of the “paradise” and had to flee to than “rotten” West we were called traitors. Now after several decades those communists, evolutionists and persecutors moved were? – into the same West were they enjoy to “rot” in pleasures of the capitalism they so opposed. Many disillusioned with atheism adopted the christian worldview and became happier.

‘… you have heard before the word of the truth, the gospel, which has come to you, as indeed in the whole world it is bearing fruit and increasing—as it also does among you, since the day you heard it and understood the grace of God in truth, ‘Colossians 1:5-6

Oh, how I love the sound of verses like these!

You have to hear it!

There is a lot of screaming today. Social media, news agencies, academia and even churches talk to win an argument. Listening is not a mark of our society today. Arguing with an emotional fury to break the opponent on the floor is considered heroic. To stop and listen is believed to be a sign of weakness. To admit and change a view is equaled to becoming a traitor and a heretic.

But, the Word of the Truth of the Gospel is in the air. In the whole world it is still preached, broadcast and accepted by those who hear it. The Gospel of Truth is not a secret anymore. You can hear it – if you want!

There was an incident in Jerusalem when a panel of judges questioned a witness. He told them the Truth of the Gospel. Their response was to physically close their ears, to scream and gnash their teeth. Then they proceeded to drag him out and killed him without a chance of a proper judiciary justice. Reminds me of some demonstrations and debates of today in our so called “modern and progressive” society.

Do not close your ears, stop walking and listen!

You have to understand it!

The Grace and Peace of God towards you and me is true LIFE! Life in a completely different dimension which cannot be achieved otherwise. The way for us to start to understand the truth about Grace and Peace is through conversation. Conversations with God! You got to start it today, NOW! The reason I personally write, is not to “convert” anyone (I would be delusional to think I can do it), but to start a conversation. A conversation between us people and between people and God. Conversation is the first step to understanding.

God started the conversation first with us. We did not. He is looking to reconnect. We ignore. He reaches out. We look away and inside of ourselves to find the “truth”. That’s why there are a billion of truth-versions, cause there are a billion of people still alive (not counting the dead “truth-tellings”). There will be no understanding without an exchange, a conversation a preparedness to give in. It works with your spouse, with a friend and also with God.

Sit down, pick up the Book and start conversations with God Himself! Are you not shocked that you can talk to God directly as a human?! I am! Jesus Christ opened that “door”, don’t close it!

You will benefit from incremental results!

“as indeed in the whole world it is bearing fruit and increasing—as it also does among you
Those who have an open mind can hear and understand the Truth and the Gospel. You look at the history and you understand what happens, also in private lives as a result of a worldview, a belief system. I observed how lives have developed of my childhood friends. Those who believed in the Truth of the Gospel and those who trusted in Schisms and other religions.

Look all -isms, cultures and so-called civilizations end in disaster. There is but one civilization in the history of humanity, and it is the judeo-christian one. All others through the history imitate it or fight it.

Only in judeo-christian civilization you have human freedom and dignity, prosperity and peaceful coexistence. Why? Because the Gospel of Jesus Christ regenerates one person at a time. Then a family. Then a church. Then a city. Then a nation. Then a country. It is always growing and increasing in bringing “fruit”.

That explains why the demonic forces mobilize, if they can, hell itself to fight it. All that is happening today on the world political, educational and social platforms is a dance of the demons to stop the true civilization.

Close your eyes and receive the Peace of God into your life! It is a start. It will grow incrementally. It will bring “fruit” and enrich and feed you, those who are close to you and than the nations. Let it grow!

Thanks for reading. I would appreciate your comments.

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  1. Dear Andrej,
    good to hear and read from you! I fully share your burden to spread the Gospel, the true one, because many counterfeit gospels are being preached today, as Paul already warned about 2000 year ago (2 Cor 11:4).
    Recently, I launched a website with the German name “Lies das Evangelium” – http://www.lies-das-evangelium,de. You may want to take a look at it and tell me what you think about it.
    Silvia and myself got to know the New Covenant Gospel in a deeper way, after we came into contact with the Indian Bibel teacher Zac Poonen in 2009.
    Another issue you mentioned is communication with God, hearing His voice and obeying it. I am just re-reading a book from Joseph Hedgecock, founder of “Servants of the Lord Ministries”. Maybe you want to take a look at their website http://www.solm.de or http://www.solm.org
    We are still residing in Bonn-Tannenbusch (Hochhaus, 5. Stock), but due to the many refugees/asylants the situaton (security, vandalism, littering) is not improving (to phrase it diplomatically).
    Greetings to you and Erna from
    Alois and Silvia

    • Alois, good to hear from you.
      Ja, I have already looked at your webpage, and like it a lot.
      Next tme I come to Old Germany I should let you know. Maybe we can grab a cuppa of coffee together. God Bless1

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