Thinking about my wardrobe

My son's wedding day

My best dress day!

Clothes make you human. Clothes differentiate you from animals. Animals do walk around naked, you do not. Nakedness in public dehumanizes you. Nakedness was often used by dictators, Nazis and conquerors to humiliate and take dignity from their victims. Executioners striped Christ before submitting him to the last cruelties and death.

The first thing God did make for humans was clothes. Not music, fire, tools, games or a shelter, but clothes. Adam and Eve got the first and original divinely designed leather clothes. They must have lasted a long time. They lived over 900 plus years wearing them. I wonder if and when they changed the design.

The first thing God ordered Moses to do establishing priesthood for the new Jewish Religion was how they should dress. God did not start first talking about the rituals, responsibilities and roles of the priests, but how to design clothes for them. He spends a whole chapter Ex. 28 on it. Their clothes have to be expensive. All that gold and colorful yarn. God himself here again is the designer. He in detail tells them where the pomegranates, bells and gold and purple yarn go. It has to be made by the best craftsmen. Skillful people who are divinely gifted for the making of clothes.

I cannot get away from the thought that God really likes well-designed clothes! He really cares about how mine and your dress looks like. He sets “dignity” and “modesty” as guidelines for designers. He emphasizes that we should dress to impress. Conveys the idea that conservative clothes make us more trustworthy. To make someone “holy” you dress them especially impressive and with a stunning “wow” effect. People respect uniforms and authority is reflected by a recognizable dress code.

Do you dress “holy”, which means beautifully?

Do you dress to impress?

Do you dress modestly and with dignity?

Do you care to have clothes that are “divinely” designed?

Do you wanna go through your wardrobe and throughout clothes that make you look and fill unhappy, terrible, “unholy”, wicked and barbaric?

You will be amazed by how good clothes will make you fill!

The simplest and easiest way to change your life and others treating you better is by changing your wardrobe!!!


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